A letter from Todd Stadler

Dear loyal Cockahoop fan,

If you're one of the more observant Cockahoop users, you may notice some changes to as you look around. That's because we've made some changes. has always strived, and sometimes even striven, to provide only the best in me-related news, entertainment, and more. To that end, over the past seven years has grown from a disturbingly low-tech site that was no more than a collection of digital scribblings from a lonely young man to the more recent site designed by an international team of crack Web developers and running on computers using software developed for NASA.'s dear leader Todd Stadler

But there's always room for improvement, and we here at know that, especially after one recent poll we commissioned showed that 73% of you agree that "there's always room for improvement". As such, I've issued the clarion call to our board of directors to lead boldly into the future, where, as I like to say, "no Web site has gone before".

And what the future holds — today for, and ultimately for all Web sites — is the amazing informational power of the portal. Portals, for those of you not in the know, are an exciting new way of organizing and displaying all kinds of information, from links to headings, and even snippets! It is my belief that portals are the wave of the future, and with this new portal, we are on the very front part of that wave, where the white foamy stuff is.

So please feel free to take a look around. Of course, I couldn't stop you from doing that if I wanted to — as I understand it, that's how the Internet works — but even so, please look around. I hope that you are as excited as I am about this embracement of today's technologies of the future. I know I am.


Todd Stadler
President and CEO

P.S. Of course, as you may have once learned in architecture class, Rome wasn't built in a day. I forget how many days exactly it did take, but the lesson for us here in the future is clear: is always a work in progress. As such, many of the most exciting portal features aren't yet ready, and some may never actually see fruition. That said, I will still boldly proclaim that they will be here any day now, of course. And when they arrive, I'm sure that along with me, you'll be excited — I am already! Until then, I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Long live the future!