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The Poor LeDrawns in "Hiatus"

KID: Mommy, Daddy, what happened to Cockahoop? MOM: Do you think we should
         tell him? DAD: It's time he knows. MOM: It's called 'hiatus', son. DAD: You
         see, son, when a blogger loves a woman ... DAD: And he also likes spending
         time with his friends, and he has a good job that also deals with working on
         a Web site, and he reads too much about political things, and he finds the
         pressures of bloggin to be anathema to the kind of interesting writing he'd
         like to be creating, and he spends too much of his free time watching old
         Simpsons reruns, not to mention ... KID: Hey! Stop it! Stop it!

In late 2003, I realized that I was tired of blogging. Rather than present a stale home page to the world while I ignored my Web site, I decided to create a cartoon that hinted at reasons I was going on "hiatus", but in my own oblique manner that simultaneously tried to be funny and tried to pretend that it wasn'nt trying to be funny. Of course.

And, just for the sheer bloody-mindedness of it all, I made a fake behind-the-scenes page that explained exactly nothing about this poorly drawn cartoon.