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Let's roll!

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Hey, that guy's lips are moving!

In early 2004, I got fed up enough with the state of American politics that I decided to take action — real action! Unfortunately, I soon realized I was not an elected official of any sort, so I quickly made another decision, which was to channel my anger into drawings whose humor and insight were every bit as crude as their rendering. These would-be political cartoons had no effect on the political discourse, of course, except to keep me from doing something the full description of which would merit a visit to my house by the FBI.

"Let's roll" was made because I got really tired really quickly of hearing that catchphrase, especially when George Bush tried to make it one for the catchphrase annals by tacking it on to every stirring speech. Regardless, I'm pretty happy with how the little globe guy (I call him "Worldy") turned out here. I didn't try very hard to actually caricature the politicians, mainly because my lack of ability (or, if you will, my refreshingly direct style) prevented me from doing so, and because I could turn to the lazy political cartoonist's trick of just labelling anything that isn't clear.

"The world demands ..." was made because I was tired of hearing America's leaders claim that the world demanded something it didn't, you know, seem to actually be demanding. It may be a convenient rhetorical trick for those not paying attention at home, but the majority of the people who live in the world probably won't be fooled. Still, isn't that world puppet cute? Don't you think you'd like to buy a plush version of him?