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New cell phone

A cautionary tale

So I have a cell phone now...
I've also taken up the accordion recently.
Both have lots of buttons.
Both can make very annoying music.
I sometimes confuse them...
You should have seen my accordion teacher's face when I showed up at my lesson
         with my cell phone instead of my accordion!
Of course, that was also the day I showed up naked.
Hey -- it was hot outside!
Dude, you got a cell phone? You suck!

I felt awkward for a long time after I'd gotten a cell phone, as if I'd sold out, although it's not clear to what or whom. I think that's why the character representing me has "televangelist hair".

And yet, at the same time that I was embracing the oncoming techno-hegemonic onslaught, I was also taking accordion lessons. Certainly, if that didn't assuage my techno-hipster guilt, then at the very least I could draw an atoning comic strip or something. Or something indeed.

For the record, I'm not sure why my character is wearing a shirt with an asterisk (I own no such shirt, although it seems like it could be cool), nor am I sure why, when I originally scanned in the drawings, I apparently made sure to keep in the pencil marks. Perhaps so future art students could study my work and learn from it.