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Lost robot

Lost! One (1) giant robot. Height: 20'. Weight: 5 tons. Color: gun-metal gray.
         Answers to no man, but has nevertheless been dubbed 'Tyrannitor'. HeNe 
         LASER-emitting eyes. Car-crushing claws. Feet can stomp trees. If found, 

I've always been fascinated with the crude unintentional artwork of telephone pole "lost" signs. Usually a black-and-white photo and some handwritten notes, they always seem so earnest and yet are so easily ignored.

So it was that I set out to exploit these properties for a Web site I was working on with a friend, I made up fake flyers, had a hundred or so printed out, and even thought for quite a bit about posting them up around my neighborhood.

In the end, a combination of laziness and fear of appearing insensitive to the lost-pet lobby prevented me from actually posting the flyers anywhere besides the Web site (and now here, gentle reader). I still think it would be humorous to find such a seemingly random poster on a telephone pole as I walked down the street, though.