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"Keeping up with the Forbeses"

"Nouveau riche!"

"Love in the digital age"

"Sex with you is different now!"

I have always had a fascination with New Yorker cartoons. I can never tell if they're very subtle and clever, or just confusing and pointless. They also seem to frequently deal with the implications of change (e.g. technology), typically reflecting an attitude that is equal parts fascination and distrust. Since a sincere form of flattery is poorly implemented imitation, I set out to create comics that would leave the reader with the same bemused/amused feeling that I get when I find someone else's copy of the New Yorker.

I particularly like "Keeping up with the Forbeses" as it embodies two things that I feel make for a good New Yorker cartoon: rich white businessmen casually observing something new, and an over-the-top depiction of that same new thing.

"Love in the digital age" is perhaps less pleasing because it succeeds in confusing even me, though I came up with the concept for it and drew it. How is sex different for them now? And what does that have to do with a computer? I don't know, but surely some wealthy, old, literate East Coast person thinks she does understand, and has chuckled to herself. If not, then I've obviously missed something.